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Living so close to the Florida Keys, a quick drive is the perfect way to let the stress of a week fade away. The Keys is a very special place for us and one we visit often. A place of many firsts for us: first few dates, first kiss, first trip together, it is no wonder why we love it so much. It’s no frills, no-shoes no-problem charm, is a must when visiting South Florida and will always deliver a great time! Below are our favorite food spots divided by each island in the Florida Keys followed by activities we’ve enjoyed all throughout.

Key Largo

Harriette’s Restaurant:

Great breakfast spot with some of the largest biscuits and muffins you’ll ever see! Always busy, it’s no shock that Harriette’s is a Keys staple. Make sure to stop in here for breakfast at some point.


Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen:

Quite possibly the only Key Lime Pie ever worth eating! Closed on Sunday’s, so plan accordingly!



Florida Keys Brewing Company:

This is quite possibly our favorite spot in all of the Florida Keys. A quaint little slice of heaven, you wouldn't think you are in the Keys. Oddly, it is not facing the water, but it has such a great (rotating) selection of beers. Some of our favorites are: Queen of the South, Jalapeno Wheat, and Weedline Wheat.

Criag’s Restaurant:

Their claim to fame, the best fish sandwich, does not disappoint!!



A good spot to enjoy a beer or cocktail where you’ll get the typical Keys feeling. Be sure to get the Wahoo bites and fish dip - our two favorite dishes!


Key West


Robbie’s: ($)

Robbie’s is a spot where you can go feed tarpon – everyone should do this at least once. Entrance is $2.25 per person and for $4.50 you grab a bucket of bait fish and have at it with some of the largest tarpon you’ll see. They are hungry and come up pretty high, so prepare your hands for possible sandpaper nicks.


Theatre of the Sea ($$)

This is a good family spot too. Think of it like a mini aquarium offering some shows, outdoor exhibits, and animal spotting.  

Sea Turtle Animal Hospital ($)

We had such a great time at the Animal Hospital. You get to learn more about sea turtles and their common injuries, see so many current patients, and even baby hatchlings.

John Pennekamp Glass Bottom Boat Tour ($)

Glass Bottom Boat tours are a pretty cool way to see the ocean without having to snorkel or dive. They are shared so there are a lot of people and sometimes finding a good spot by the glass is tough, but this is very fun.

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