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Date Ideas


We bring you this as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Some of you have asked for at-home date ideas, given our confinement. So we're bringing you that here! But, we also wanted to give you some non-home date ideas that are our favorite!



This is something I did for Matt when we first started dating.

We had so many new, fresh ideas and would always battle on what we were "in the mood" to do,

rather than just be spontaneous.


So the date jar is categorized by color:

Blank - zero to little planning and cost

Yellow - some planning or cost required

Black - more planning or cost required

Black with gold tip - most expensive or planning required

Given the current situation, we would count this is 2 date nights for the price of one!

One includes the craft of it - painting and decorating them

The other includes the thought of it - thinking of the different date ideas you can have.

We've done everything from dinner & a movie, marshmallow fights, some of our favorite restaurants, or new ones we've been wanting to try, to vacations or even cooking classes!


With so much extra time on our hands, it's great to catch up on movies and TV.

With that said, we find that sometimes it can be hard to find something you each like. 

So take turns, you each pick one, be it a movie or TV show, but this way everyone's interests and voice is being heard fairly!



Just because you can't travel right now, doesn't mean you can't start thinking of where you want to go next!

Similar to our movie marathon, we think it's fair to include both voices in your relationship in terms of where you want to go next.

The way we do this, is we each write down the top 10 places we want to visit (privately ranked) and then share the list. We combine it to reflect mutual interest first, and then alternate his/hers for the rest of the list. That way, we can each visit our top spots!

We've done this for both domestic and international locations, so we have about the next 5-7 years planned out already, but it makes it so exciting to think about where we're heading next!



Everyone knows what a golf lover Matt is, so by default, I have grown to love it too

(whatever that means for me lol)

When he first bought this putting green, I thought he was crazy...I would not live in a golf course. But, I must admit it has come in pretty handy - during hurricanes, random nights, and obviously during quarantine. A mini golf tournament can be so fun! 

You can make this as competitive or fun as you want. Sometimes we add magazines under it to adjust the direction of the ball, calling which hole it will fall into, etc.

Putting green is from Amazon linked here.

If you don't have golf clubs, I'm also linking an affordable option here.

hb golf.jpg
hbun golf.jpg


This was honestly way more fun than either of us expected, even Matt said how fun it was!

Grab some cardstock and each of you write down questions for your significant other to test their knowledge - think of it like the newlywed game (yes, we're dating ourselves here).

We decided to do green cards worth 10 points, purple worth 20 points, and red worth 30 points. Some sample questions and pictures are below!

couples trivia.jpg


Grab your favorite few (anywhere from 3-5 bottles of wine) and do an at home wine tasting. 

We suggest all 3 being the same type (ex: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc)

*Featured here our 3 of our favorite wines:

Louis MartiniSilver Oak; & Justin

Draw up some score cards - below are some items you can include on the scoring, but you can customize these however you like

Grab some yummy wine snacks - olives, cheese, crackers

Get your playlist going

Get to tasting!



Having a travel memory is a bit rare these days with everything on phones, computers, etc.

Rarely are photos printed anymore - ourselves included!!

So photo books are one of our favorite memories to make and have on the coffee table for people to see when they come over. Below are a few samples from our first trip ever, to Savannah, and the one we made from engagement photos. This one actually doubled as our wedding guest book so it is even more special because we have notes from family & friends on each page and love to re-read them every now and then.

Both of our photo books are from Picaboo.

Another idea we love is this travel scratch off poster from Etsy.


We hope these gave you some ideas

for at home date nights.

Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you do any 



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